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22031 Dentist Hosts Dentistry from the Heart

October 18, 2016

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In September 2016, Mosaic Smiles, your 22031 dentist, co-hosted an annual event, Dentistry from the Heart, with Vienna Smiles. With more than 100 million Americans unable to visit the dentist due to the cost, Mosaic Smiles and Vienna Smiles have hosted this event for the past 3 years to help those in the community receive necessary dental services, such as a dental cleaning in Fairfax, VA. Now, in its fourth year, Dentistry from the Heart had the biggest turn out this year. Starting as early at 4 am, more than 100 people waited to receive the dental care they needed.

Annual Dentistry from the Heart Event

For the past four years, Vienna Smiles and Mosaic Smiles have looked forward to providing the community with free dental care to help those in need. Dr. Hisham Barakat from Vienna smiles says Dentistry from the Heart is the “most awesome day.” They are able to provide comprehensive care to those who would not otherwise receive the dental services they need.

This year, the Dentistry from the Heart team included 5 dentists and 3 hygienists, who were ready to give back to the community with oral health services. The event included 5 dental stations to provide participants with cleanings, extractions, fillings and just about any other service needed.

Dr. Jennifer Bobbio from Vienna Smiles also attended the event. Dentistry from the Heart is one of her most favorite days of the year, saying “It supports one of the reasons that has inspired me to enter the field of dentistry because I am able to give back to the community.” Dr. Bobbio enjoys seeing the team and the community come together to really help and give back to the community they call home.

Michelle Ryan, who has worked with Dr. Barakat for 5 years, enjoys the event because it offers a feeling of fulfillment being able to help people. She remains grateful for the opportunity to exceed the number of people they have been able to help during Dentistry from the Heart in the past.

Changing Lives One Smile at a Time

While the event is just one day a year, it provides a lifelong change for those in need. One man who received care said he now has a new lease on life after having major dental work done to now live pain-free.

One woman who benefited from the event heard about the program through a friend. The services she gained from the event far exceeded previous services she had received at other free dental clinics.

One man took 3 buses to attend the event. He had been suffering from dental pain and complications for about a year. He enjoyed his time as the dentists were very patient, compassionate and willing to help. He said, “It’s very rare to find people with those qualities nowadays.”

The services offered at the event were quite diverse, from simple dental cleanings to dry socket packing from a tooth that was previously pulled. Those who received care were happy to now live with a pain-free mouth.

Dentistry from the Heart

This annual event allows Vienna & Mosaic Smiles to give back to the community that has supported the dental practices over the years. We look forward to seeing you at next year’s Dentistry from the Heart.

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