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Say “I Do” to Your Perfect Smile with Porcelain Veneers in Fairfax

December 5, 2018

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It’s your big day! Everyone is smiling at you, celebrating with you. You pose for what feels like a million pictures with the one you love the most. Everything is perfect. Until you see the photographs later and remember that your teeth still have those flaws you dislike. This doesn’t have to be your situation. You can do something to make your teeth brilliant for your wedding. Before your special day, look into getting porcelain veneers in Fairfax so that everyone will only notice your beautiful, confident smile.

What are porcelain veneers?

This kind of veneer consists of wafer-thin porcelain that is used to address the size, color, and shape of a tooth. Porcelain veneers are placed over the front of surfaces of teeth and adhered in place to cover the following:

  • Gaps between teeth.
  • Chipped teeth.
  • Cracked teeth.
  • Stained teeth.

Unlike with older types of veneers using resin, when light hits porcelain veneers, they look like real, natural teeth, restoring your beautiful smile and your confidence.

What is the process of getting porcelain veneers?

Once you and your cosmetic dentist in Fairfax decide that porcelain veneers are the right choice for you, the dentist will shave away a small amount of enamel from your teeth to prepare space for the veneers. Then they’ll take impressions of your teeth, so your veneers can be customized just for you in a dental laboratory, which can take a couple of weeks to produce. In the meantime, you’ll wear temporary veneers. When the final product is ready, the permanent veneers will be firmly bonded over the treated teeth.

The entire process of the porcelain veneers can take a couple appointments over the course of a few weeks, so don’t procrastinate! After all, you want to make sure you have your perfect smile ready in time for the big day with as little stress as possible.

What benefits do porcelain veneers have?

In addition to looking just like natural teeth, porcelain veneers won’t stain from foods or drinks like natural teeth. They are also very durable. However, you should avoid things like chewing ice that might cause the porcelain to chip. With proper dental maintenance, they can last a minimum of 10 years before needing replacement.

Should I get porcelain veneers?

To move forward with this procedure, your teeth and gums need to be healthy. If you have tooth decay or gum disease, you’ll want to address that first. Also, removing enamel to fit the porcelain veneer is a permanent change to your natural teeth. There’s no going back, so you need to be sure about the treatment. You can discuss all your options with your cosmetic dentist in Fairfax to determine if porcelain veneers are the right choice for you.

Whether you have dental chips, stained teeth, or an annoying gap you want to get rid of, porcelain veneers can give you the smile you deserve for your wedding day. That way, you can focus on enjoying yourself, smiling from ear to ear, and making memories to last a lifetime. Schedule an appointment with your cosmetic dentist today to get started!

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