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5 Key Benefits Dental Implants Can Offer You

March 20, 2019

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person smilingLosing one or more teeth can have an incredible impact on your life. During your latest family reunion, you tried to avoid every picture because you know they’d be plastered all over social media. The last thing you wanted your friends and family to see is your broken smile. For a while, you’ve considered investing in a newly restored grin, but you want to weigh the benefits of each option so you feel confident in your decision. More than anything, you want to have a smile that you’re proud of. See why dental implants can improve your quality of life by offering you these 5 benefits below.

A Smile that Looks and Feels Natural

Because your dental implants are placed in the bone of your jaw, they integrate with it and create a stable root form. Due to this, your new implants will feel like your natural teeth did. Your dentist will take special care to make sure that your restoration placed on top of the implant posts aren’t distinguishable from your natural teeth.

Eat All the Foods You Love

Unlike alternative restorative options like dentures, implants allow you to chew as you normally would without the inconvenience of your teeth slipping or shifting. Because they function as your natural teeth would, you can eat all of your favorite snacks without discomfort. With dental implants, the bite force you’re able to apply when eating is identical to a person with a complete set of natural teeth.

Boost Your Confidence

Lost teeth can leave your self-esteem spiraling from constantly covering up your smile. With implants, you can feel great flashing your natural-looking grin. Once you leave a missing tooth unreplaced, it can cause your jaw bone to slowly deteriorate. When this starts happening, it can make your face look droopy. Because dental implants promote healthy bone growth, they keep you looking youthful and help prevent physical changes such as wrinkled lips.

In addition to the look of them, dental implants function better than other restorative options, making you less self-conscious about doing basic tasks such as speaking and eating. In the middle of a conversation, someone with dentures my fumble with producing sounds because their dentures slip or shift in their mouth. Because dental implants are more stable, you won’t have to worry about this.

A Long-Lasting Solution

When you take proper care of your implants, they can last for 10 to 15 years. By regularly brushing, flossing, and attending your routine dental visits, they could last even longer. Other restorative procedures may need to be redone after only a few years, so getting implants can also save you additional time and money.

Convenience of Care

As opposed to other options such as removable dentures, dental implants are stable, making them easier to care for. You won’t have to bother with messy adhesives to keep them in place or taking them out every night. All you have to worry about is taking care of them like you did with your natural teeth.

You can’t go wrong investing in your smile, but before you do, explore your best options. Scheduling a consultation appointment with your dentist can help get any questions that you have answered so you feel confident in your decision. Don’t be afraid to flash your dazzling smile after getting dental implants!

About the Author

Dr. Hisham Barakat has been building bright and healthy smiles since 1998. As a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology (ABOI), he has completed demanding examinations that prove his expertise in implant dentistry. He is one of only 10 dentists that are certified by the ABOI in Virginia. He is also a credentialed member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, which means he meets the highest standards of education and knowledge in oral implantology. For any questions or to schedule a consultation, visit Mosaic Smiles’ website or contact 703-207-0700.




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