Dental Implant Specialist in Fairfax

Losing one or more teeth can be a damaging event for both your oral health and your self-esteem, which is why getting the help you need is crucial. There are several reconstructive solutions available for patients, but we strongly recommend dental implants due to their long lasting quality, seamless natural appearance, and reinvigorating health benefits. Here in Virginia, Dr. Hisham Barakat is a diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology, an honor that fewer than 300 doctors have achieved nationwide. He and the rest of the Fairfax, VA team at Mosaic Smiles handles your implant procedure efficiently and painlessly so you get back to enjoying a full, naturally beautiful smile.

Dental Implant Placement

Dental implants owe their exceptional success to their unique structure. While traditional reconstructive solutions only focus on the crown of the tooth (the visible portion), implants replicate the entire structure, including the root beneath the gums. This root may not be visible, but it serves a vital function – stimulating the jawbone and support gum tissue. Once the root is lost, the tissue begins to deteriorate, which and can lead to consequences related to both health and appearance. With a this state-of-the-art tooth replacement treatment, patients can reinvigorate the bone and even encourage new growth while also regaining a full set of teeth.

Are you interested in tooth replacement? An evaluation at Mosaic Smiles should be your next step. Our Vienna, VA team carefully inspects your mouth to determine whether implants are the right restorative choice. If traditional implants won’t work with your smile, there are other implant options available that we can explore.

Your treatment begins with surgical implant placement. While many general dental offices send their patients to outside specialists to complete this portion of the procedure, our doctors’ advanced training and skills allow us to take you through each step right in our Fairfax, VA office for maximum comfort and convenience.

Once the implant(s) have been placed, patients will need 3 to 6 months of healing time in order for the jawbone to form a strong, gradual bond with the new “root.” We’ll also take the time to place abutments; that serve as the connection between your implant and restoration(s).

Types of Dental Implants

Full Mouth Restoration using Implants

The type of restoration we recommend depends on your preference and the number of implants placed. In the case of single implants, a quality, all-ceramic dental crown can be designed and placed giving you the natural-looking, complete smile you’ve been sorely missing. With multiple implants, an implant-retained prosthetic is used to replace teeth providing patients with exceptional sturdiness and aesthetic value, especially compared to more traditional models.

At Mosaic Smiles, mini dental implants are also an option for patients who may not be ideal candidates for traditional implants or who lack space in their mouth for a regular-sized replacement. These implants are about half the size of the original, and virtually eliminate the need for a recovery period allowing restorations to be placed only a short time after the oral surgery, or in some cases, directly following it.

All-On-4® Dental Implants

Our doctors are now happy to offer All-On-4® Implants as a treatment option for patients who would like a faster or more affordable alternative to typical implants. When choosing All-On-4® patients don’t have to undergo bone grafting or other tedious procedures in preparation for implant placement – instead, our team strategically inserts four implants at angles throughout the anterior region of the jaw, taking special care to avoid areas where grafting would be a necessity. Then, we can place a new prosthetic the very same day, which allows you to leave our Oakton, VA office with a natural, complete smile and restored bite.

Our Digital Imaging and Cone Beam Technology

In order to make your procedure as simple and accurate as possible, we provide multiple state-of-the-art dentistry tools and techniques. Cone bean technology creates precise images of your internal, oral structures, and manipulation is available allowing our team to formulate and customize treatment plans based on your unique dental structure.

Contact Mosaic Smiles today if you have any questions for our team, or if you’d like to schedule a consultation with our dental implant specialists. Our Fairfax, VA office also serves residents of surrounding communities.