Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

Treatment Options

Typically, we use soft tissue laser treatment to cut away unhealthy tissue that’s located below the gums for patients who are suffering from a moderate to severe form of periodontal disease. This process is much less invasive than conventional periodontal therapy and the laser cauterizes the area as it works, eliminating the need for sutures in most cases.

Some cosmetic needs can be successfully treated with the help of soft tissue laser treatment, such as an overly “gummy” smile or an uneven gum line. Dr. Elgeddawi precisely reshapes the tissue in order to expose more of your beautiful teeth giving you a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Additional benefits patients enjoy when being treated with soft tissue lasers include:

  • Many procedures are so comfortable with the help of lasers that anesthesia isn’t even necessary.
  • The act of removing tissue can be much more precise, minimizing any damage done to nearby, healthy tissue.
  • Tissue is able to heal faster and even regenerates during the procedure with the power of lasers.
  • Bleeding is minimized and treatment areas are sterilized, reducing the risk of further infection.

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